Continuing on…

Let’s take a closer look at this fictional industrial towmotor-ish thing on my bench, shall we?

Here we see the left side, showing the start crank, below the air vent screen through which the exhaust pipe is protruding, with a custom spark arrestor atop, made from styrene tubing and the screening from a small coffee making cup for the keurig (?) coffee makers.

First step in dismantling, removing the starter crank and exhaust pipe, so…..

….I can remove the rear body unit, covering the engine and gear drive unit, drive wheel, etc.

The idea is (was) that a certain Mr Zimmerman had an idea for a gear driven vehicle, and in his building one, it became very obvious, very quickly, that it would not make for a comfy nor quiet touring kind of car, and certainly not a fast thing, but powerful? Oh yeah! And able to move precisely mere millimeters…. with an experienced operator, of course…. So Mr Z worked towards supplying the many young industries and transportation companies springing up everywhere with a replacement for the horses and some big burly men & women, to push and pull the manufactured goods and supplies for same- onto, and off of, here, there, and over there…… wherever the goods needed to be.

And his SCHLEPPER was born. The Zimmerman gear driven industrial tractor. This may be the first Model- the ZG1……

Time will tell, and we shall see. Until next time, thanks for spending some time here with me, at the bench. Later, and God bless.

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