Hello… I am John, and I scratchbuild things.

Here and now, I am trying desperately to make my first post, and haven’t yet figured out how to get my words below my picture. My little plastic buddy is no help. He’s having his own issues, ever since I took him from his happy home: a Lindberg Civil War Union Army horse drawn field artillery kit in 1/16th scale.

Ok! Finally! I think I need a nap now… LOL!

Haven’t given him a name yet, but soon methinks, I will have to, just to make things a wee bit easier here. He’s supposedly operating a What If? sort of industrial tractor/truck I dreamed up while dabbling in modeling the early 1900 cars, and seeing all kinds of very cool vehicles whilst doing internet searches. So many of the wonderful pictures of the early inventions just seem to say (to me anyway…) that the inventor, or the person (or persons) involved in changing or “improving” the invention or it’s use, literally said to themselves, and others, “Hey! What if we _______________?” And the rest is history, so they say.

Time for another picture methinks…

Bit of a look at this fellow’s driver’s area. All scratchbuilt from styrene, except for the yellow straight pin ball, and the carved balsa wood seat he is seated on, and the flattened bit of florists wire that is part of the brake lever assembly.

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