Trying again….

How I detest so called “upgrades”, “fixing” things that aren’t broken…. like these WP peeps changing how photos are inserted in a post, while I was AWOL (apparently judged so by some WP bigshot).

Well, whatever, I am going to try again here, more as another step on another day in this, my ongoing battle with depression.

Hmm…. ok….. let’s see…. LET US SEE (??) What? Who are we (am I) asking permission to see? Why do we have such moronic ways? Sigh…. and I wonder why stuff like blogs, forums, etc, randomly seem to just change things – just as we (let us alone!!!) get used to them, and excitedly gush about making things easier or mo’ betterest for us…… Yeah, right.

No apologies for the preceding, as I am a bit leery of trying to publish this, lest I wreak unfathomable slathers (thanx & apologies to Oswald Chambers for that word 😉) upon any soul unfortunate enough to stumble upon my upgraded WP post here.

Ok, I am going to just go ahead, in faith, and say somethings about the two pictures I have posted here, hopefully that appear as inserted, when I tap the PUBLISH button. Way, waaay up near the top of this post, I inserted a picture of two 1/16 scale model cars I got off Ebay recently, and with a Lionel “Ready to Play” battery powered John Deere train set loco, tender, on some track, to see how the cars & train might scale together. Obviously to those who know, no, the loco is not 1/16 scale.

No matter, because, I came up with a plan for a 1/16 scale narrow gauge model railroad layout, using the train set trackage to scale down to a 32″ narrow gauge, and looking forward to much scratchbuilding of pretty much everything needed for such a railroad. And so, I went ahead and drew up a scale plan of the railroad to run along the walls of a 12’x15′ room in my house. My model room workspace is adjacent to the 12×15, and I plan on setting up a temporary “U” of track therein if I desire to let the train run continuously.

With those plans, both visible and not, I took steps to see what I can do with the parts I have….

One issue, besides the non 1/16 scale size of the Lionel steamer, is it’s high running speed. Haven’t figured out a good way of slowing it down yet, but…

….using the full size measurements and layout of the Lionel loco running gear, I drew up a Porter-ish looking wee steamer with enclosed coal cab(?) from a picture gleaned from that magic universe surrounding us all.

Alrighty then….. Publishing — NOW

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